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Book One: Recovering Paradise

Excersus I: Of First Men
Excersus II: Youngest God Syndrome
Excersus III: Free Will (Ain't Free)
Excersus IV: Quid Vocati Faciunt
Excersus V: LIVIA
Excersus VI: A God In Every Pot
Excersus VII: Snake Handling
Excersus VIII: A Question of Dominion
Excersus IX: On the Way to a Monkey
Excersus X: Angels
Excersus XI: Puppy Love
Excersus XII: Waiting for Gods
Excersus XIII: The Killing Ground
Excersus XIV: Monkey Tree, Very Pretty
Excersus XV: R U Ready to Rakshasa?
Excersus XVI: Generals Not To Have
Excersus XVII: Follow that Bird
Excersus XVIII: Once a Philosopher, Twice a Vocate
Excersus XIX: Thyrsus, and There's Them
Excersus XX: Sitar Hero
Excersus XXI: The Reason for the Season
Excersus XXII: Glory Days
Excersus XXIII: The Hands of Fate
Excersus XXIV: Getting Her to Notice You
Excersus XXV: The Hanuman Can
Excersus XXVI: Bringing an Immortal to a Knife Fight
Excersus XXVII: Angel With Scabbed Wings
Excersus XXVIII: Let Jesus Be Your Death Beam
Excersus XXIX: The Bright Young Things
Excersus XXX: Call Me Snake
Excersus XXXI: Pity the Son
Excersus XXXII: Blessed are the Meek, for They are Delicious
Excersus XXXIII: Of Adventuring, and Being Used as a Club
Excersus XXXIV: Gods vs. Zombies
Excersus XXXV: Impossible Apostles
Excersus XXXVI: The Way of Some Flesh
Excersus XXXVII: The Politics of Lancing
Excersus XXXVIII: And it Burns, the Pillar of Fire
Excersus XXXVIV: Coexisting
Excersus XL: The Sermon of the Vocate
Excersus XLI: Reunion
Excersus XLII: Pet Care
Excersus XLIII: Behind the Throne
Excersus XLIV: Paul Isn't Dead
Excersus XLV: The Secret Garden
Excersus XLVI: Truthy Fruit
Excersus XLVII: So Long Paradise

Book Two: Hyperboreans and Hogs

Excersus XLVIII: It's Bad, But It Could Be Norse
Excersus XLIX: The Pig Deal
Excersus L: Friends in Low Places
Excersus LI: Of Course We Love You, When Do You Leave?
Excersus LII: Open Turnstiles, Free Love
Excersus LIII: Tricky Tricky
Excersus LIV: Reunited and it Feels... Kind of Awkward
Excersus LV: The World is Full of Smashing Boars
Excersus LVI: Norse Virginia
Excersus LVII: Very Nearly All Are Welcome
Excersus LVIII: Every Party Table has a Head... And Another End Too
Excersus LIX: You'll Forget Me When I'm Gone
Excersus LX: Unable to be Taken to the River, Leave Where Found
Excersus LXI: Sunrise, Sunset
Excersus LXII: Sing the Death Song, Kids
Excersus LXIII: Lust Be Honest
Excersus LXIV: From the South, with Destruction
Excersus LXV: Come As You Are
Excersus LXVI: Hearth Attack
Excersus LXVII: The Prophet in Siblings
Excersus LXVIII: Heard and Overheard
Excersus LXIX: Plan B
Excersus LXX: The End Will Sparrow Few
Excersus LXXI: Forever Young
Excersus LXXII: Pro Seed, Warily
Excersus LXXIII: Whither the Poo
Excersus LXXIV: I Wish I May, I Wish for Might
Excersus LXXV: Noble Hearts
Excersus LXXVI: For Better and for Porcine
Excersus LXXVII: Party Size
Excersus LXXVIII: Trawling for a Fight
Excersus LXXIX: Cry Fowl and Let Loose the Dogs
Excersus LXXX: It's Complicated, See, But Totally Makes Sense
Excersus LXXXI: Sit Rep
Excersus LXXXII: Tern, and Face the Strange
Excersus LXXXIII: Boy, You'll Have Been a Woman Soon
Excersus LXXXIV: Penance Race
Excersus LXXXV: Swan Dance
Excersus LXXXVI: More Than is Meet for the Eye
Excersus LXXXVII: Always Bring Cuttle Bones to the Reunion
Excersus LXXXVIII: Always Suttung There to Remind Me
Excersus LXXXIX: And Speaking of Patriarchy...
Excersus XC: How to Fail at Revolution While Really Trying
Excersus XCI: Fear and Becoming
Excersus XCII: In the Name of Generalized Love
Excersus XCIII: Failed Suicide, However, Isn't Painless
Excersus XCIV: The Quick and the Chaste
Excersus XCV: All Right, Now

Book Three: Lilith Rising

Excersus XCVI: New Century, Snatched Penis
Excersus XCVII: Fleurs de Malleus. Excersus XCVIII: Succubi, I Barely Even Knowubi! Excersus IC: Revenge is a Dish that is Best Served Now
Excersus C: A Dress and Address
Excersus CI: Phallo-Ergo-Nomics
Excersus CII: Stick and Move, Little Vocate!
Excersus CIII: Lilith, Fair and Unfair
Excersus CIV: The James Sprenger Show
Excersus CV: Girl Power
Excersus CVI: A Fool Off His Guard Could Fall
Excersus CVII: Even Temps Have Friends
Excersus CVIII: Good Natured Holy Wars Between Friends
Excersus CIX: Consider the Liliths
Excersus CX: Wages of Defiance
Excersus CXI: When Regular Heresy Just Won't Do
Excersus CXII: I Worship as I wander
Excersus CXIII: The World Without the Word
Excersus CXIV: Never Snooze in a Forest During an Inquisition
Excersus CXV: But what about TORTURE?!
Excersus CXVI: A Failure to Excommunicate
Excersus CXVII: Proper Channels
Excersus CXVIII: The Slight Disadvantage of Unchecked Hedonism
Excersus CXIX: By a Tree, By a River
Excersus CXX: What Not Precisely Evil Lurks In the Minds...
Excersus CXXI: Won't You Spare Me Over
Excersus CXXII: We Steal Monkeys All the Time!
Excersus CXXIII: I Just KNEW I'd Catch Up With You Guys!
Excersus CXXIV: Two Eyed Muslim People Eater
Excersus CXXV: Like Hooters, Without the Subtlety
Excersus CXXVI: Rue, Paul
Excersus CXXVII: Damascus if You Don't Want to Know
Excersus CXXVIII: Recipe for Religion
Excersus CXXIX: Not Quite Charity...
Excersus CXXX: With Slight Praise
Excersus CXXXI: Two Roads Diverged
Excersus CXXXII: Were You Experienced?
Excersus CXXXIII: Words Worlds Words
Excersus CXXXIV: Forestalling The Puppy Crusade
Excersus CXXXV: Two if by Sin
Excersus CXXXVI: Bona Fides and Underperforming Bulls
Excersus CXXXVII: Changing Tact
Excersus CXXXVIII: Making Mary
Excersus CXXXIX: Religion by the Bag
Excersus CXL: Say Yaw to the Claw!
Excersus CXLI: Old Flames Young
Excersus CXLII: Be Your OWN Scapegoat!
Excersus CXLIII: Rock Isn't Dead
Excersus CXLIV: The Phantoms in the Deep
Excersus CXLV: The Tokugawa Solution
Excersus CXLVI: With Friends Like Khalibs, Who Needs Khalenemies?
Excersus CXLVII: The Ease of Duty
Excersus CXLVIII: No Exit
Excersus CXIL: Beautiful, Terrible Ideas