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Excersus LI: Of Course We Love You, When Are You Going?


As I'm typing this, news is still coming in about the bombing and shootings in Norway. I don't know if anybody from that country reads this, but just to say it: You are strong, and awesome, and we feel for and stand with you, and hope that this nightmare is at its end.

Nordic Hospitality is responsible for about as much trouble as good in the Norse epics. On more than one occasion it served admirably to keep Thor from immediately killing guests to Asgard whom he happened not to like at the moment (which, given Thor's temper, was just about everybody at one point or another). They would chill, protected by the customs of Hospitality, tell their story, and eventually everything would work out for the best. However, because Hospitality was so terribly important, it also served as a great insult in the culture, so more than a few drunken brawls began when somebody accused somebody else of being a crappy host. Worse insult there was none - words that necessitated the letting of blood. Like calling Marty McFly yellow, but so way worse.

- Count Dolby von Luckner