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Excersus XVI: Generals Not To Have


Seriously, the worst place to be in any Indian epic battle was in the army of the main hero. Basically, you die. Your army can be 15 billion men strong, and you will still die. Rama's army, in the Battle of Lanka, was completely wiped out, revived by Hanuman, fought again, got massively decimated again, and was revived one more time after the battle, during most of which Rama was just sort of chilling out by the back. During the other great epic battle of the Indian tradition, Yudhishthira's army comprised billions of warriors, ALL of whom died in the clash with Duryodhana except for the half dozen or so characters with names. It was basically like being a Cobra foot soldier, except with impalement in place of Parachuting Safely Out of Your Exploding Plane.

I don't think that Krishna is implying that Jupiter's whoring is directly responsible for the proliferation of Indian arms, but rather is making a general observation that we all have our little quirks.

On the What Did People Do In The Garden of Eden theme, I am inclined to believe that the text supports the idea that they had sex- the only thing that would have kept them from doing it would have been shame, and they didn't know about that yet. And if you have sex, and you have tigers...

On the technical front, next week's update will be a day late, as I am going to be in the middle of nowhere for the next week and the middle of nowhere's scanning technology is limited. So, check in on Sunday for the continuation of The Rakshasa Ambush!

- Count Dolby von Luckner