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Excersus XXIV: Getting Her to Notice You


It probably took some balls to look around at a world people had filled with gods and say, "Nah, none of these exist." That would be admirable, if it didn't take an equal amount of self-delusion to then turn around and say, "But THIS one does." There is a famous quote in atheist circles (by the way, I finally joined American Atheists, so I guess I'm an arc of that circle now) along the lines of, "If you examine why you reject the existence of Zeus, you'll find that the same reasoning will compel you to reject the existence of God." In effect, the monotheists, by denying the gods of the rest of the world, are already pretty damn close to being atheists themselves - they just need to apply the god-rejection algorithm they used to knock off Shiva, Athena, and Ba'al One More Time, and then they're done!

- Count Dolby von Luckner