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Excersus XX: Sitar Hero


Hey, twenty episodes, how about that? You might have noticed a change in the art style the past few episodes. The first sixteen or so were done with inks overlaid in charcoal, whereas the most recent have been pure inks. I'm undecided in my head between the two. If you have a definite opinion, shoot me an email over at TheCount@ftg-comic.com!

In the meantime, I've been wrapped thoroughly in WoW: Cataclysm, which brings up an interesting question: Is it the great epic of the 21st century? Are these characters and quests the ones that people will, two thousand years hence, choose to regard as the reflections of our concerns and beliefs? The twentieth century had Marvel comics, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Buffy as its statements of the eternal truths and possibilities (and most interestingly, limitations) of the heroic. These are all old stories, but the sensibilities and doubts are of their time, and without that connection to the world perspective around you, I think it's more fitting to call something Big rather than Epic. World of Warcraft is Big, at the moment, but I think with this latest installment it's stating its case for a category upgrade, and when it finally achieves that, when it finds its way towards a living epic formed by the collective will and imagination of three million people, that will be the most exciting thing ever in the history of storytelling.

Plus, grns r nu purps? eflolz!

- Count Dolby von Luckner