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Excersus LXVII: The Prophet in Siblings


Of course the same could be said of Norse men, if you get your information about Norse men and women almost exclusively from the sagas and the novels of Bjornson and Hamsun, which I pretty much do, so there we all are. But that is also the soil in which friendship seems to take a particularly strong root - watch Kitchen Stories or Together or heck even The Swimsuit Issue- all have this omnipresent air of Scandinavian melancholy at the core of which burns this intense fire of the unbreakable beauty of human companionship. There's a line in Bowie's "I'm Afraid of Americans" - "No one needs anyone, they don't even just pretend" - we are often still so very Frontier in this country, reluctant to let people past the image we have painstakingly built up about ourselves for fear of being seen as Needing Help, and it shades how deeply we penetrate into each other's lives. And that's rather too bad.

- Count Dolby von Luckner