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Excersus CXXXIII: Word World Word


First of all, my profuse apologies for missing last week's update. There were more last-minute things to nail down before ECCC this year than in those past, all of which will eventually work towards the good, but the upshot of which was that there was quite literally no time left to draw up the script for 133 until after I returned from Seattle. Now, as to today's comic, words... you see this sort of thing happening with kids all the time. Where they build something out of Play Doh or some such thing and then start telling a story about a different origin which gives the object powers to neutralize boogeymen or grant invisibility or ward off pesky little sisters. It's a beautiful thing to see, but writ large on the stage of man, it's wrought some pretty unfortunate things. One of the most promising developments of the last couple decades is the increasing momentum of the neuro-biological origin of language. Religion stands on nothing so solidly as the mystification of language. Remove that, make words words again, and theology doesn't have much going for it besides transparent and all-too-easy wish fulfillment - the sort of thing that can fly when you think of words as mystical portals to divinity, and which must crash to ground when words are just Things Human Brains Make.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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