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Excersus CXXXIX: Religion by the Bag


That St. Paul and his followers screwed over the legacy of Mary Magdalene is one of those well known but not talked about in polite society facts that goes hand in hand with the Hebrew patriarchs screwing over women in their law statutes as a way of reducing the influence of the foreign female priestly orders who were starting to influence a large portion of the Hebrew population to multiple god worship. Paul, as a devoted detractor of, well, LIFE, couldn't stand the idea that Mary was being worshipped as a sort of goddess of terrestrial renewal, and so, taking a page from the ancient Hebrew playbook, set about destroying her influence by denigrating the position of women generally in his epistles, while his followers made damn sure that most texts which referred to Mary as an important and thoughtful theological thinker were kept far from the final cut of the Bible. Which just goes to show that the Bible that we read isn't so much the inspired word of God as it is a political weapon to keep certain subgroups of the priesthood in a position of dominance.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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