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Excersus XLIII: Behind the Throne


Walking through our local crafter's bazaar I saw that somebody had made their very own religious board game. As a teacher, I spend a good twenty five percent of my lesson plan time thinking up new games to make the Corn Laws and centripetal acceleration appear as awesome as they totally are, so I gave it a good looking over, and it mostly made sense except:

Sure, the resurrection happens and you get 3 sheep, but I'm missing how Judas's salary affects goat buoyancy. But it's not that much of a stretch - the Bible is really dick to goats. The Hebrews, on the Day of Atonement, performed blood sacrifices meant to transfer the year's sins of the Israelites to a goat (the "scapegoat"), who was then abandoned in the desert. It takes a special sort of mind to think, "Sure, I beat my wife and children, but this goat's going to die in the desert, so it's okay."

- Count Dolby von Luckner