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Excersus CXXIV: Two Eyed Muslim People Eater


It is certainly true of the early Middle Ages that you could find corroborating sources for just about any horrendous accusation against believers in Islam. By this point, several intrepid chroniclers in the West were starting to turn that tide back around, and within a few hundred years of our story, Western Muslim scholarship began to look very nearly respectable, but it appears like the best works haven't quite filtered to our gents yet.

And speaking of very nearly respectable writing, I've a few more publishing announcements. If you live in New Zealand or thereabouts, you ought to rush to the December and March issues of The Open Society, as I've an article in each, the first being a reprint of my Freethinker piece on Muhammad's life, and the second a review of the development of the legal systems in Pakistan and Iran. I'll also have a piece coming up in Free Inquiry, but that's not until the December 2013 issue, so sitting by your local newsstand and just staring at it until the issue shows up is probably not the most prudent policy. In addition, the January issue of The Freethinker will contain an article about polytheism that I penned, and that you all might find a smidge on the interesting side. So, check 'em out!

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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