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Excersus LXV: Come As You Are


On one extreme, you can make your religion about self-development, and tell really good stories with it, or you can make it about the virtue of inertia on the other, and become very popular. At least until everybody is more or less the same level of remarkable, at which point the whole thing seems a bit unnecessary, which is what Christianity is fighting against now. Thriving in an age of giants against whom it could rail, it can only spin its wheels, trying to find purchase in an increasingly unthreatening field of enemies. When the best you can do is raise up resentment about marriage rights or how Christmasy your local Target is, it's time to quit the field.

In other news, Astrid Johannsen of the very fine comic Absolutely True Tales of Lesbian Drama has a nice article up at Skeptic Freethought that's worth a gander about the cultishness of religion in general. And, indeed, the whole sites a might fine thing to spend a hunk of time with.

- Count Dolby von Luckner