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Excersus XXXI: Pity the Son


The episode is going up a bit early this week since over the weekend I'll be chained with Geoff to a table at the ECCC, far far from my magic Captioned Picture Upload Box. I have some "Everybody is Somebody's Heathen" bumper stickers that I'll be vending there along with the new Frederick book, and in general if you're in Seattle and feel the sudden need for a sketch of Chester Arthur, Bea Arthur, and Arthur Sullivan in a Mexican Standoff, come on by!!

I know Adam comes off as something of a jerk in the comic, but really, you have to feel sorry for him, and the only character in the Bible with enough love of humanity and understanding of it to do so is the serpent. Because Jehovah sure as hell isn't, and Jesus needs Adam to be the source of sin so he can redeem it, so he doesn't go out of his way to lament Adam's fate either. He is monotheism's Dante Hicks - dumped on by circumstance and buried deeper with each new customer (in Adam's case, upstart monotheistic religion) who passes through and sees how easy it would be to profit from his misery.

- Count Dolby von Luckner