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Excersus XXXVIV: Coexisting


And there's your allotment of deicide for the day. This is one of those cases where I very much want to say, "And this is why that worked," but the Schumann Code won't let me. Back in the 19th century, music critic and composer Robert Schumann wrote an article about program music in which he came out against providing listener's with the composer's written description of the scenes being painted by the music. He said that this was to rob the audience of its own imaginative free play, to take a piece full of possibility and reduce it to a conformed orthodoxy. Wagner would have none of that, and even went so far as to write program notes for other people's orchestral works. But I tend to side with Schumann - I definitely have my own idea about how Yahweh is done away with here that goes beyond His Neck Done Got Snapped and that I'd like to share, but hopefully so do you, and with something as big as What Allows a God To Live and Die, the more ideas out there, the better, so I'm shutting up.

- Count Dolby von Luckner