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Excersus CXXXI: Two Roads Diverged


Convention season is upon us. Next year I plan to be rather more active in this regard, but for the next few months there are at least two places where I'll be pitching my tent and waiting for people to bring me crazy things to draw and think about. First, at the end of the month, Geoff and I shall be at table E-16 at the Emerald City Comic Convention in Seattle. It's my favorite three days of the year, so come on over and share it with me! Then, at the end of March I'll have a booth at the 50th Anniversary Convention for American Atheists in Austin, Texas. I've never been to one of these events before, so if you're going stop by and say hello so that it will seem rather less lonely!

In other news, our Kickstarter over at Frederick the Great has successfully funded, meaning that within a few months our new book will be heading to print! If you didn't get to grab a copy during the fundraiser, worry not, for it will be appearing in the Frederick Shoppe and we should have plenty of copies at our table at APE 2013 in San Francisco! In addition, I'm starting to gather together material for a Vocate book. I'm thrashing it about now, but I think it will feature perhaps a dozen of my printed articles along with the current arc of The Vocate. I'd love to do the whole run, but I really think I need to go back and rework the art on the first arc before I think about publishing it. So, if you're an agent or a publisher, gimme a ring!

- Count Dolby von Luckner

Hate mail and notes of luscious thanks may be sent to The Count at CountDolby@gmail.com.