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Excersus CXVI: A Failure to Excommunicate


I don't have terribly much doubt that Sprenger and Kramer will be regarded as rather on the villain side of history for as long as there is history, but it's curious isn't it? These are men who had NO doubt that their memory would be cherished, and for centuries it was. I try my best to only put forth ideas that I think push forward man's understanding of himself and the universe, but in it all isn't there perhaps something hidden that will be shown five hundred years hence to be pure villainy? What restrictive and self-crippling ideas am I putting forward without even knowing it? The difference, though, is that even if my ideas should come up short in the long view of history, I do not have nor am I seeking the power to enforce them upon people unwilling to take them up. I propose ideas, as rigorously as I can, and make amateurishly drawn picture stories that highlight some of the aspects of those. That's more or less the extent of it and so, if people find some reason to talk about me in the 27th century (and I doubt they will), I think my faults will be pitied rather than execrated. And I'm fine with that.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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