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Excersus LXXXI: Sit Rep


To be fair, the Norse gods would be entirely justified if they started shifting their suspicion to the furniture - one of Thor's challenges involved being bested by an inanimate object. It was a drinking horn that had been enchanted to connect to the ocean, so that, in trying to drain it as a display of - manhood? - he very nearly drained the very seas - though one wonders why he didn't realize the seawater was not, in fact, mead. I'll file that under "enchantment." The other two challenges he failed, as I recall, were not being able to lift a cat (it was actually the Midgard serpent in disguise) or defeat an old servant woman in a wrestling contest (which was not an old woman but, brace yourself - the abstract notion of Old Age itself! Unfair!).

- Count Dolby von Luckner