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Excersus CXL: Say Yaw to the Claw!


Well, it appears that the Good News Clubs have invaded my school district. For those who aren't aware, these are after-school programs run by the Child Evangelism Fellowship which have an explicit mission of going into public schools and evangelizing children, then encouraging them to proselytize to their non-Christian classmates. It is a crafty dodge that lets this group "legally" harangue children on school groups. Their Orwellian term is "harvesting" them. You probably have these groups in your community too. If so, you should lobby your school board and superintendent to revise their facilities use policies to exclude groups with hate speech and religious discrimination in their activities structure. If you need proof that these groups encourage hate speech and discrimination, just go to the CEF website and read through the materials that they use to train their shock troop group leaders. It's disturbing reading, and more than enough material is there to show that the group actively attempts to dehumanize non-Christian children, calling them "spiritually dead sinners" among other things. I have a full article on the subject coming out in American Atheist Magazine soon, so keep a look out!

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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