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Excersus CXXVII: Damascus If You Don't Want to Know


Paul's violent roadside conversion to Christianity is one of the most lamentable events in history. Not just because it brought the cunning of Paul's mind to the rescue of a promising but underproducing personality cult, but because it set the example of how you go about thinking religiously. You don't consider your positions and slowly shift the basis of your thought - no, you are overcome by sudden FEELINGS and, unreflectively, you give into them and thrash yourself into a new system of beliefs based on them. Religious conviction as a matter of public hysteria rather than private consideration, and all of the consequences that has had in public life since. Truthiness started with St. Paul, and has been kept alive by a thousand awful Hallmark movies and a million writhing preachers whipping their flock into slobbering ecstasy. Because it's seductive, to be the center of attention for that sparkling moment every Sunday, and to believe that everything in your life can be solved if you just cast your beliefs to the wind violently enough. It's easy and it makes you feel important, and how can a life of steady contemplation compete with that?

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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