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Gods and Words:
An Introduction to The Vocate

Q: What is a Vocate?
A: A Vocate is a mortal whom deities (mainly of the lesser sort) use to handle various tasks they themselves are either unable to do or do not care to do. The Vocates know the protocols and proclivities of all significant local deities, and therefore are valued as intermediaries between divine beings who can't be bothered to know every last detail of each other's rituals and practices. Their connections with the gods make them respected members of society, but the aloof arrogance that comes with such regular contact with the divine does much to negate that.

Q: What is Theic?
A: Theic is the common language of divine beings. All Vocates are expected to be fluent in Theic as well as the local languages in their area of business. Our Vocate Dunsmuth is accomplished in Theic, Greek, Latin, Babylonian, Egyptian, and several North African dialects. In this comic, all dialogue in Theic is rendered in English, and local dialogue is rendered in the original of that language to the best of The Count's ability, which isn't saying much.

Q: When does the comic begin?
A: We start in the year 51 CE. The Vocates are still flush with employment, but the river nymphs and field spirits whisper of nothing but dimly perceived hard times soon coming. The Age of Many Gods is silently winding down, and with it the time of the Vocates.