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Episode I: Of First Men


You Came!! You really came!! Super cool!

Well, here it is, the start of the new comic, and Adam has already showed himself on up. The characterization of Adam I'm using here is mainly from the apocryphal texts comprising The Forgotten Books of Eden. These are the stories of Adam and Eve after they got kicked out of the garden, and are such blatant Christian forgeries (think Genesis with Jesus shoved in edgeways whenever the author thinks he can get away with it) that they hardly bear the reading, were it not for the fact that they are so delightfully convoluted. Ever wonder how Adam and Eve acquired digestive organs? Here's the place to find out. Did you ever feel cheated because Cain didn't have any sisters? This'll fix that right on up for you!

So, welcome to the new comic! I'm going to update every Saturday to start with, perhaps switching to twice a week depending on how the balance between this and Frederick the Great works in the coming weeks. This is a story I've been waiting to tell for years, and I'm exciting about having the chance to tell it in this medium. See you around!

- Count Dolby von Luckner