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Excersus CXXIX: Not Precisely Charity


The other day I was watching "When Porn Ends", a somewhat rambling and monotonic documentary about what happens to porn stars when they retire. One of the common themes in it is the arrival of Jesus to pull the porn stars out of their life of debauchery and put them on the straight and narrow, the primary example being Code Pink, which works to bring religion to porn stars. It's actually rather tragic - the solution isn't "Let's make this industry better for people working in it by working against that societal hypocrisy which masturbates furiously to their antics one moment and then shuns them at the grocery store the next." Rather, the solution is, "We're going to keep everything as bad as it's ever been, make you feel as ashamed now as we did then, and then throw Jesus at you once you've been beaten down as far as you possibly can." And isn't that just the perfect microcosm of how religion handles life generally?

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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