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Excersus LIV: Reunited, and it Feels... Kind of Awkward


Tomorrow marks our one year anniversary here at The Vocate - and there is so much story left to tell! Writing and drawing this has turned out to be a rather different experience than Frederick, which is coming up on its five year anniversary now. Frederick is just pure fun - bringing my favorite people back to life and having them be fabulous for a while. Here I tend to rage and thunder a bit more, which is also fun, of course, but more than that psychologically necessary. Being a godless heathen is rather easier in this part of the United States, but there are still potent frustrations, and being able to share them here, with you, is a cherished lifeline, and I thank those of you who keep coming by week after week for your company and understanding. And now, onto year two!

- Count Dolby von Luckner