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Excersus CXLIV: The Phantoms in the Deep.


It is something of a befuddlement for me how it is that people claim to lack for mystery, romance, or inspiration in a world without gods. Just watch a polymer stitch itself together from bits and scraps under the influence of a single misplaced electron, or the dance of a well-turned proof that establishes truths about objects in infinite dimensional space... there is a magic there that isn't replicable in any of the handled until bereft of meaning stock phrases of homicidal deity appeasement that have passed for religious insight for the better part of two thousand years. How many times can you honestly hear, "He's big, and he loves you, unless you don't believe in him, in which case he'll torture you forever," until numbness unto spiritual paralysis sets in? Whereas, if I were to start today and devote every moment that I have to the study of mathematics until the moment that I die, I will only know the barest of single digits of what is known - I'll yearn for more years just to keep the adventure of it going, to see what new unknowns lie in wait at the arrival of each morning. To positively yearn for life, to love what it offers you so much that nothing can compensate for the loss of it - perhaps religion approximated that once, perhaps. But it gave that over for the more profitable business of consolation and Door Number Two speculation. And for a while, that was new and exciting, but only for a while.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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