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Excersus LXXXIX: And Speaking of Patriarchy...


Lead male gods of ancient mythology were not of the most faithful cut. Zeus and Odin went after anything that wasn't nailed down. Atum-Ra, lacking a wife to be unfaithful to, created the first gods by jerking off. Monotheism sidesteps the whole issue, as it does everything that smacks of actual, breathing humanity and complexity, by doing away with the whole problematic of female deities altogether. So, a Norseman had before him the notion of Fricka's Wrath descending upon him should he decide to betray his spouse - if she was willing to visit it upon Odin for his follies, she sure as hell wouldn't hesitate to smudge out some mortal lecher. In Christianity, though, there is no single force standing up for the rights of Wife and Hearth, especially in the Old Testament, where multiple wives and sex slaves are common and given a giant thumbs-up by the patriarch in the sky. Which all goes to the central theme of this webcomic, or at least the write-ups of this webcomic- the fewer gods you have, the less Interests and Relations you have to think about, and the bigger an ass you can be. The solution? A system where you treat people with the same respect and consideration you once held for God or The Gods - humanism. Atheism. In the words of the greatest philosophers of the twentieth century, "Be Excellent To Each Other."

- Count Dolby von Luckner