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Excersus LXVIII: Hearing and Overhearing


This is all, of course, keeping with the set rule that, no matter WHERE you are in Asgard, Loki is somehow there, outside your door, eavesdropping.

I have been reading Tanya Higgins's Daisies and Shit Blog as of late - it is a mixture of news and thoughts about skepticism, biology, and, every so often, as circumstances dictate, bacon lube. And therein lies the allure, for me - an eloquent balance between the language of philosophy and that of science, each reinforcing the other. Like most atheists, I have a tendency towards hermiting - I dig deep into my own tunnel, set up shop, and poke my head out to survey the rest of the community only irregularly. It is just the type of behavior that makes it seem like there are a lot less of us out there than there in fact are, and I am trying to be better about it, and Higgins's blog, paired with Skeptic Freethought, are helping me in this regard. So, if you are like me, a relatively solitary bookwormish sort with a desire to see his fellow humans a little more intellectually independent than they have historically been, and you want to mend your ways, you could hardly pick a better guide into the light than Higgins. Check it on out!

- Count Dolby von Luckner