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Excersus CVII: Even Temps Have Friends


Sorry about this fellow launching a couple of days late - I was up in Washington for a while dealing with all of the fallout of my grandparents' estate arbitration. A lot of ugliness, but in the midst of it some truly beautiful times taking my own daughter down to the basement where my grandpa and I used to build models side by side at his old engineering table. It was in complete disarray, so we set ourselves the task of getting it back into a state where models might be built there again someday, and it was a wonderful thing to see a passion carry through space and time to a fourth generation. Atheists and death are not always the happiest bedfellows, but seeing a little thing like that - the excitement about little bottles of paint and orange tubes of glue and plastic airplane parts hanging on their numbered branches - having shared the same with my own grandfather, and thinking perhaps someday she'll be sharing it with her grandchildren in the late 21st century when I (given my love of Red Vines) will probably never see myself - it makes things a bit easier to take.

- Count Dolby von Luckner