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Excersus C: A Dress and Address


So, that's a hundred episodes then! I promise that soon our heroes will be back to speaking Theic with various supernatural critters, so I won't have to subject you to my Latin for much longer. Largely, though, I've come to the conclusion that, if you're still here, you have a well-nigh infinite patience with my foibles and I cannot express my thanks enough for that. I feel entirely comfortable doing whatever pops into my mind here, and you all have always been there with me through it all. And, if my own opinion on the matter has any weight, we are coming up on the best stuff yet, so stick around!

Translation type things:

Funkelnfinck: Dunsmouth, hello! My colleague told me of your arrival.
Dunsmouth: Wonderful... ... Bye!

Funk: Aaaand, so we're alone. My name is Funklenfinck... I can show your your lodgings...
Livia: That isn't necessary, and when you address me, I insist upon formality. None of this DU business.
Funk: You know LATIN?! But you are a female, and such knowledge will ruin your skin!

- Count Dolby von Luckner