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Excersus CXXXVIII: Making Mary


On the issue of whether a guy named Jesus of Nazareth actually existed or not, I am profoundly indifferent. I find it equally as likely that he was the literary product of a group of not overly successful fellows bent on shaking up their society as that he was a somewhat charismatic dude whom a bunch of third-stringers latched onto and convinced was the son of God. Either way, as a moralist, the literary conglomeration which we've come to call Jesus ranks pretty low. He is a man possessed of a delusion who is willing to threaten the world with destruction and torment if they don't share said delusion who happens to every once in a while say nice things about the meek during propaganda rallies for himself. Maybe a notch above Vautrin, but hardly up to the moral standards of any literary figure who is not actively being portrayed as a villain.

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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