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Excersus CXLI: Old Flames Young


You don't get to be a dozen or so centuries old without having had a few romances in your past, and, statistically speaking, of course a couple of those will have been with incubi. That's just math.

In publication news, I'm pretty excited about having a piece on secular presentations of Wagner's major Christian operas in the next New Humanist magazine. When I was in high school, Tower Records had this in-house classical music magazine that I would devour each month. There is just something about the form of the classical music review that makes me forget time and space within the bubble of comfy happiness that it creates. So, any chance I get to write about classical music, I take, and what with the up and coming directors facing the problem of having to make deeply religious operas relevant for a secular audience, it seemed a good time to catalogue some of their great successes and failures, and make some few suggestions for where to go next. So keep an eye out!

- Count Dolby von Luckner

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