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Bible Study for Atheists

I wish this existed back when I was making my first crawls through the Tanakh ten years ago - it would have made me feel a good deal less alone in my dumbfounded astonishment at the parade of terrible, terrible things that is the Old Testament. The author quotes extensively from the original material, as a proper Bible study ought, and his commentary is both light and enlightening throughout.

List of Biblical Atrocities

Just a handy link to have earmarked for when an interlocutor starts arguing about why something is necessarily immoral because it is spoken against in the Bible. "Yes, because clearly the author of the Bible has a good hold on morality, like here, and here, and here..."

American Atheists

Getting atheists together, it is said, is like herding cats. Independent thinkers by their nature distrustful of groups and group thinking, atheists don't tend to Join Things readily. But part of getting people to re-evaluate the content of their thoughts is to show them that there are significant numbers of people out there doing likewise, and joining groups like American Atheists makes that happen, so stop by!

Daisies and Shit Blog

Tanya Higgins mines the goings on of the freethought and biological communities to the benefit of the rest of us, and combines it with her own insights, tendered with intelligence and an approachable flair that many of our often curmudgeonly lot fail to attain. The Planetary Society

Not so much an atheist site, as one devoted to advocating for and privately funding further exploration of space. I figure, if you're not tithing to a church to tell you things that are most likely not remotely true, you might as well tithe to these guys to do stuff that materially improves the future prospects of humanity.


The Mahabharata Online

This is a mammoth undertaking, bringing out a translation of the full text to English speaking audiences. I would say that, to get to the bright and lovely core of this, my personal favorite work of world mythology and religion, William Buck's retelling is the place to really start, as it cuts out much of the repetition, clutter, and later dogmatic ammendments, which make it a more satisfying narrative experience, though not as authentic, if that's a concern for you.

Ramayana Online

Same as above, only with the Ramayana!

Tales from the Shahnameh

This is the home for the comic book form retelling of Persia's great epic, the Shahnameh. The first three comics are out and fantastic, and the fourth will be releasing soon!